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Get a Free $150 Gas Card for Taking a Meeting About Your Business's IT Service!


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Get a FREE $150 GAS CARD just for taking a meeting to discuss your IT!

Schedule your meeting on the page that comes up after you complete the form. Attend the meeting with the decision-maker for your Central Ohio company with 7 or more users and we'll send your gift card right away! 😀  ➡️ ➡️ ➡️




We reserve the right to refuse meetings for anyone we cannot service for IT.


✅ We are Cybersecurity Focused

The cybersecurity landscape is always changing. We use state-of-the-art IT security tools and we are always up to date on best practices. We're ready to leverage the appropriate amount of IT Security for your network requirements and industry standards.

✅ Unmatched Support

We make IT work for you to increase productivity. Our knowledgeable support crew is standing by and ready to help.

Jason Adams, CEO

✅ We Tailor a Plan for You

We design and implement custom yet scalable plans to fit the needs of your business. Our mission is to enable you to complete your mission. We look at IT in a comprehensive way that takes into account your goals, work to be done, and ROI.

✅ Flat-Fee Pricing

No surprise IT bills!

Copy of Jason Adams, CEO

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