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Free Cybersecurity Checklist

Take the first step toward assessing your organization’s current security posture.

Basic Hygiene

Basic Security Controls can prevent 80% of cyber attacks.

Human Error

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.

SMB's = Easy Target

An astonishing 60% of SMBs that are hit with cyberattacks never recover and end up closing down.

This is the most comprehensive security checklist you will find.

Get the Cybersecurity Checklist Now - It's Free!


Download the Cybersecurity Checklist
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Blueteam Networks is always there when we need them. They also help us choose the best options when we need a new tech solution. We couldn't run our business without them!
Anne B.
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We use Blueteam for our company and they are fantastic! They are always responsive and willing to help. They get the job done quickly and it is always done right! We recommend.
Chelsea H.
Operations Manager
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Blueteam is exactly what my business needed. Smart tech guys with common sense and they explain things on our level. They are always there quickly when we need them. We have used them for a number of years now and they are the best tech staff I have ever used.
Bill J.

Don't be a sitting duck!

Our comprehensive security checklist comes with a free dark web scan and a free consultation to discuss how you can improve your security posture now. Don't be a sitting duck. Any business can be a target of Cyber scams and hacks including law firms, medical offices, real estate brokers, title companies, hospitals, plumbing companies, electricians, veterinarians, schools, churches, banks, credit unions, automotive dealers, and repair shops. ANY business is a target!

Get the checklist and make a move toward better cybersecurity. 

Get the Cybersecurity Checklist Now!